Skeptic beyond treatment meets magic

A wonderfully refreshing and very honest article by Bettina Kalandra about her first session with me! Very profound.

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My first reaction is always skepticism when someone is raving over an unrivalled thing. If it is interesting enough for me, I begin to question it and to do research. That’s why I seldom recommend a service or work of someone else. Not because I am jealous of his/her achievements but because I rarely meet someone who is impressing me that much. But now exactly THAT happened to me, totally out of the blue and unplanned. But maybe I begin with the start:

Beyond treatment

Like in medicine it happens a lot in energetic treatment that you have the feeling sometime that nothing is working anymore. Final Stop. You are dissolving blockades over blockades, you are transforming like a world champion and you are having one “treatment” after the other. And then you realise at some point: That was it. You can’t do more with human tools, may they be energetic or not. Of course you could (or rather I could) try out more treatments, learn new technicques, and work on myself. But the big part is done and new treatments are like yesterday’s dinner. Warmed up. Little variations, but in fact they are resembling each other. And now? That was it? Do I have to continue like that the next years and can’t change it? Or are there alternatives, new view points? Or do I simplify it? Never has my life improved with waiting for a miracle and for the beatific feeling of happiness (Oh yes, I have tried that a few times. Some mistakes are too beautiful to make them only once).

Skepticism and Mistrust

A healthy amount of skepticism is not wrong in my opinion. Because otherwise you are likely to engage in every new allurement and you are waiting for the big bang that is changing everything automatically. And if I am good at something, then it is at mistrusting others’ gushing praise and at doubting things. Sects do not have a good initial situation with me.

Every time exaggerated euphoria is meeting me I switch into defence mode and say no. Especially the so called “elected” persons who have special resources and tools from the world of angels (or whereever from) and want to bring them in the world are subject of suspicion to me. I try to argue intellectually and naturally that goes wrong. Why should someone be “elected” and someone not? Which criteria mark you for such a privilege? Prestige, attention, money making – those “evil” words are in my head. It is only working if you believe in it. Brain washing and placebo effect…I could continue endlessly listing all the words in my head to that topic. The best opportunity for me is to test the thing. I will definitely take my doubts and skepticism with me, but I will try to stay open-minded and give it a chance. And afterwards I will decide for or against it. That’s my current position towards energetic support.


Honestly? My first thought was not magic but exorcism, whitchcraft and devil’s work.

What was happening?

To that point in my life some things, which had stick to me for years, were melting away. Changes were to be made, a new way, aims.

That was frightening but actually my anticipation for the future prevailed. After some years having tried out things with the test procedure decribed above, I have taken some of the tools and resources in my repertoire, on which I can trust unconditionally in such moments. Tools are there to support, to help, to make work easier.

And at the same time I got the impulse to ask someone for a session, whose tool and method had not been known to me before. In summer I was given a card and since then it is lying on my desk (and strangely enough miraculous things are happening since then) but that was it.

Yes, and then I had this impulse to get to know her finally. And the point of time was good and maybe this person could work on my cemented belief systems about money (and please whip them away with hocuspocus:-)). They are going on my nerves.

No sooner said than done: We met, we liked us, we talked and then it began. Just so much to start with: The money issue was touchend in the end  – until then (three hours all in all) she picked me to pieces and put me together again, unprofessionally said.

Because I have no clue what she actually did and I can neither explain it properly nor can I describe it plausibly. Is it the card or her? Actually that doesn’t matter to me. A simple card cannot begin to vibrate like you are on a massage table – but it did.

Andrea herself did neither know from my spirit of departure nor anything private from me (except of the dates: four children, married, freelance) – but she knew it. She touched on topics which my best friend does not even know and which I would rather have forgotten.

Doubts Inbetween

Yes, you can explain everything: she is a keen observer of human nature, probably I have mentioned what she knew here and there, she can build a picture from hints, the card’s vibration is an illusion…of course, you can, if you want…But you can also convince yourself of the contrary and try it out yourself.

Further Magic

The physical reactions were mine, indeed, and not projected ones. From hot to cold, from shivering to low circulation, from teers, laughing (partly at the same time) to the feeling you can fly, because such an unbelievable burden was taken from me – I had it all. It was definitely hard work, that’s to say, still after two days everything ached as if I had made an extreme marsh through wilderness.

And I don’t know if it is still working if you don’t like to get completely involved – I definitely believe that her incredible power can make you fear. And I wouldn’t take such a session, if you don’t feel the clear wish for change. Because there is no going back. Now the path is free. If I don’t go it now, I am beyond help.


I could try to explain what she is doing there. Unfortunately words are not enough to describe it. You are lying on the floor, she mentions an issue, you breath all the ballast out (this century’s understatement – sometimes I had the feeling to give birth to the antichrist), everything is transformed through all times and on all levels.

Then you get some time for relaxation and then she continues with the next issue. Certainly this is not like that in every session, often it is all very soft and easy to endure, but I am not normal so why should my session be normal?

I have an antipathy against this theoretical explanation. It is as if you described a wonderfully decorated christmas tree with: Christmas tree balls are on it. But I am aware that nobody will understand my article otherwise. So I let it stand like that.


With this I speak out an unconditional recommendation for Andrea. Her work, her cards and seminar dates are to find on her website – just have a look on it and form your own opinion. I am infinitely grateful that she kept me in the believe it is something absolutely harmless – maybe I wouldn’t have come otherwise. I would do it again – without hesitating. There is no doubt and no skepticism anymore – just the overwhelming feeling to be freed from old burdens – free, light and to know the next steps. This calm, balanced feeling, to be with myself, is more than I have ever experienced. And more than I have ever dared to dream of. It is undescribable. It is unique. And it is worth it.

November 26th 2014, Bettina